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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Knit Elf Pants Tweet :)

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Monday, November 20, 2017


Oh I never thought I'd see the day....why I tried to delude myself like this I don't know, but I honestly thought that I would not ever get to a point in a project where I felt the need to actually rip the whole thing out. And yet, last night, it happened. I was 10 rows from completing a knitted baby blanket...10 rows!! So you can figure from this statement how many hours have already gone into this project. Thankfully this was a small baby blanket, but we are still talking a lot of work lost. I laid the blanket out to get measurements to make sure before I added that last final bordered edge that it was going to be the size I was aiming for. It was at this point, when the full project was completely laid out, that I realized I missed a row in the pattern repeat about 30-40 rows into the project which then had the blanket from that point on reversed. What I thought was the front side was now the back side and vise versa. It was not a reversible pattern repeat, there was an obvious front and back when laid completely out, but not obvious enough to notice it while I was working on it. Hard to explain, but devastating none the less. I tried to figure out ANY possible way to make the mistake work, but it was impossible. The blanket was beyond saving. So, for the first time in my crafting career....I had to frog the whole it, rip it, rip it. :(

Have you had this devastating experience in your crafting career as well? Tell me about it. You know misery loves company....I could use a little company after this very sad milestone.  

The good news is that I'm excited about getting back at it and making it better than it was going to be originally. I've already got it all ripped out and I'm 5 rows into my new project. So, I will crack it up to a great learning experience. Lesson learned: Make sure to lay your project out a few times throughout the stitching process to make sure it looks right....
and now onward we go with some Happy Stitching!! :0)
(and hopefully no more FROGGING!!) 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The 10 Commandments of Crochet

Crochet posted 10 funny cartoon images of the 10 commandments of crochet. I found all 10 images on Pinterest and decided it would be fun to post them all together here. I hope you enjoy the humor in them as much as I did.  Please leave a comment on which one you love the best or which one you can most relate to. :0) 

It would be great if someone also created the 10 commandments of Knitting. :0) If anyone finds that somewhere, please share! I'd love to see them! As always, Happy Stitching!! :0)

Friday, November 17, 2017

3 reasons to buy handmade:

As the holidays approach and as the shopping season begins, I felt it was a great time to put out the reminder of some great reasons to buy handmade items. Not only for the reasons listed in the cartoons below, but for others, like the opportunity to buy something unique for your loved ones. Each handmade item is made individually, which means no 2 items are exactly the same. Like it says can't buy love, but you can buy handmade, and everyone knows that's nearly the same thing. I speak on behalf of all my fellow artisans and crafters out there selling their unique creations, thank you for considering shopping handmade this holiday season. You won't regret giving a special, unforgettable, one of a kind of gift. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Keep Knitting, Ignore Cleaning

This is currently what I wish to be doing...however the house is calling. :( I guess if I hurry I will be back to the knitting in no time. :) How about you? What are you working on today?

Happy Veteran's Day!!


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